Welcome to real organic growth!

As you may know, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) yield farming is growing faster than grass on a rain forest! With the popularity and rise of Pancake, Jets, Samurais, delicious treats and other farms gaining popularity, we’d like to introduce the 2nd generation of yield farming…

Hello Crypto Community, we released ETH Chain KSWAP very lately when gas fees are very high , But we working to release KSWAP in Okexchain as front-line project , in between we are releasing Binance smart chain KSWAP today be ready for it….

An evolution of Sushiswap Farm with Kswap (OKF) tokenomics……….
<……….…World First OKB Token based Farm {ETH Chain}……………..>

⚠️ We are a team of individuals not from official OKEX exchange. But we are well wishers of OKEx exchange and its community.

📈 Origin

Why developed Kswap OKF FARM? : When DeFi is in…

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